2023, Alastair Swayn International Research Grant

2022, Alt.Material, Availability Exhibition

2022, Melbourne Now, ‘Civic Architecture’, NGVArts Review

2022, Australian Design Review, ‘Simulaa Architects: Next Gen Nonpareils’

2022, Hearing Architcture Podcast, Australian Institute of Architects, ‘Unbuilt Projects’

2022, Architecture Australia, Janurary/February Issue, Collectives & Collaborations

2022, Gas Stack’ - AA Prize for Unbilt Work

2021, ‘NGV Architecture Commission’ - shortlisted project, Architecture AU, Australian Design Review

2021, ‘Burlasite’ - Winner of the TAB2022 Installation Competition, Architecture AU, Archdaily, Archinect

mulaa is an architecture practice based in Naarm, dedicated to both built commissions and research projects. We are currently undertaking single and multi-residential projects, an office fitout, an Artists’ Studio, masterplan for a cultural institution and an adaptive re-use of a 3 storey warehouse in Collingwood. It is important to us that we are empathetic and carefully observant of the context in which we work; to understand people, their habits and cultures, the things that are distinct to a place, that make up its history. The work of the practice is defined by considered analysis and a research-based approach that prioritises critical experimentation.We seek out projects that strive for high-quality design outcomes that contribute positively to the built environment and the social and cultural fabric of the city. Simulaa was shortlisted for the NGV Architecture Commission 2021, among 4 other shortlisted candidates selected from 104 competition submissions. In 2021, Simulaa won the TAB2022 Installation Competition for the Tallinn Architecture Biennale in Estonia. A significant architecture festival addressing relevant issues to the profession and the city. Most recently, Simulaa won the 2022 AA Prize for Unbuilt Work for the project ‘Gas Stack’.